Inner Mongolia Lichuan Chemical Co.

Inner Mongolia Lichuan Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly Bameng Agricultural Management Bureau Chemical Plant) was founded in 1969. It is a large-scale manufacturer of various specifications of alkali sulfide and barium sulfate.

It is a high-tech enterprise in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Inner Mongolia Quality Supervision The first-level inspection and certification unit, passed the ISO9002 quality system certification in 2000, and won the honorary title of No. 1 in the All-Union Export Foreign Exchange Earning Industrial Enterprise in 2002.

The company is located in Bayangol Town, Hetao Plain, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 110 National Highway and Baolan Railway pass by the factory. It has sufficient water resources, convenient transportation, and fast communication. It has a unique investment environment and geographical and natural conditions.

At present, the company has total assets of 55 million yuan, 500 cadres, and employees. It has two production lines for soda sulfide and ultra-fine barium sulfate. It produces 18,000 tons of “Bayan” soda sulfide and 5,000 tons of ultra-fine barium sulfate. More than 3 million yuan. In 1996, the company obtained the right to import and export its products,

More than 90% of soda sulfide products are exported to Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Central Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions. The domestic sales outlets are also in more than 20 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions.

For many years, the company has insisted on developing the enterprise with science and technology, attracting technical talents, and taking the road to sustainable development. The company insists on quality first, reputation first, and regards quality as the life of an enterprise; contract and trustworthiness are the consistent principles pursued by the company. 

In recent years, the company has successively developed high-purity anhydrous light sodium sulfide (Na 2 S≥92%) and ultra-low iron sodium sulfide (FE≤5PPM) that fill the gap in the country, and recently is focusing on the development of iron-free sodium sulfide products. The company’s products have strong competitiveness and occupy a leading position among manufacturers in the same industry across the country.