About Us

Inner Mongolia Lichuan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1969. Now it holds 5500 million yuan of fixed assets and has 500 employees. Its main products are BAYAN BRAND sodium sulfide (mainly used in super leather-making, pharmacy, industries of dyeing printing, dyeing paper-making, and metallurgy/mineral separation) and superfine barium sulfate (mainly used in dyeing and paper-making).

It was granted EXPORT LICENCE in 1996, since when 90% of our products have been exported to AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, SOUTHEAST ASIA, CENTRAL AFRICA, WEST EUROPE, AND HONGKONG Etc. At the same time, we enrolled in the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL INTERNET, since then our products have been exported around the world. The output of sodium sulfide is 18,000 MT. In the meantime, the output of barium sulfate is 5,000MT.

The quality of our products is assured and good reputation makes us have strong competition among the craft brother of china