Cellufine GCL-2000

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Cellufine GCL-2000 offers a competitive flow rate and resolving power for gel filtration chromatography. Semi-rigid spherical cellulose beads exhibit good flow rates with longer bed lengths, even with large diameter columns, while the high pore volume allows high capacity. Additionally, GCL-2000 is chemically stable and can be run with many buffers and solutions.

Sample Preparation and Load

Samples are ideally prepared in the mobile buffer. Samples can also be applied from the different buffers if buffer exchange is desired. Filtration may be necessary to remove insoluble matter. The sample load in gel filtration is a function of column volume.

Sample loads of 0.1 % to 1.0 % of total column volume are used for high-resolution applications, while for general-purpose preparative separations a load up to 5 % total column volume may be used. For buffer exchange or desalting, a load of 15 – 25 % of the total column volume is suitable to prevent dilution of the sample. Sample protein concentrations should be between 1 – 20 mg/ml.

Physical-Chemical Characteristics

  • Support matrix cellulose
  • Particle shape spherical
  • Particle diameter (µm) ca. 40 – 130
  • pH Stability range 1 – 14
  • Operating pressure < 1 bar (14.5 psi)
  • Supplied suspension in 20 % EtOH

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