Year: 2021

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FD Rapid GolgiStain Kit

Golgi-Cox impregnation1, 2 has been one of the most effective techniques for studying both the normal

Anti-Rabbit Serum antibody

Rabbit serum can be used for the study of serum proteins and antibody-mediated immune responses. Anti

Rabbit anti-Zika Envelope (E) Glycoprotein polyclonal antibody

ZIKV virus lysate was diluted to 300 ng/well in PBS for plate coating. Anti-ZIKV E glycoprotein Pab w

Cellufine GCL-2000

Cellufine GCL-2000 offers a competitive flow rate and resolving power for gel filtration chromatograp

Aldosterone ELISA kit

Abcam’s Aldosterone Competitive In Vitro ELISA Kit (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is desig